Falesha Ankton Johnson

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About Falesha

Falesha is a former professional athlete turned empowerment speaker, owner of Felite Performance, and philanthropic adviser. She uses her MBA education and firsthand experience running her own business to thrive within all three of her callings.

Falesha’s journey started when she became a 2x All-American while running for the University of Washington. Her collegiate success lead to a professional career while sponsored by Brooks Running, as she strived to make the 2012 Olympic Trials. Falesha’s extensive knowledge in running allows her to improve her athletes by focusing on speed, multi-directional drills, and footwork.

When Falesha is not working with her athletes she is sharing her knowledge and life experiences through speaking engagements to help people align their passions with their purpose. Falesha speaks on leading with endurance, running towards your fear, and other areas that empower women to thrive and achieve their goals.