Kristi Brown

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About Kristi

Kristi Brown is the owner and Chef Goddess of That Brown Girl Cooks! It’s a catering company that serves internationally inspired soul food and also sells a black-eyed pea hummus of her own creation in grocery stores throughout Seattle.

Chef Kristi has spent over twenty years cooking, catering, and bringing creative foods to special events.  She’s a fellow alumna of the Seattle Culinary Academy, and she has worked at some noteworthy restaurants in Seattle, including the King Fish Café and her own catering business, That Brown Girl Catering

Most recently featured in City Arts Magazine, Kristi told them next spring she’ll expand into a restaurant in the Central District’s Liberty Bank Building. “Community is everything. We don’t need another restaurant that’s all about the chef or the cuisine. It’s time for people to have gathering spaces.”

And the only thing better than food, in Kristi’s opinion, is sex. Which is why we need to be having open conversations about it without the stigma and mystery.

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