Taylor Gage

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About Taylor

Taylor is the Founder of the wildly successful blog and podcast, She Thrives.

Like almost any CrossFitter will tell you, beginning CrossFit changed Taylor’s life. Big time. It changed her life in countless ways, but a huge one was that it made her take the reigns of her own health like never before.

Inspired by her own gains in the sport, she was determined to perform better in the gym, and started learning about nutrition. She pored through dozens of books, websites, and studies, and got her hands on all the information she could. She also experimented a lot, first starting with Paleo, then counting and tracking macros, and then finding a more relaxed structure that works for her, her body and her needs.

She’s a CrossFit coach, a CF-L1, a USA Weightlifting Coach, a portrait photographer, and a girl who loves to eat.

It’s her passion to empower women to feel their best, find their strength, and live their fullest lives. There is a power that comes alive in women when they realize they are strong, capable and worthy of the things they want in life. She’s captivated by this awakening and wants to do all she can to nurture, celebrate, and share it.